The Stone-Campbell e-Print Library 

The Stone-Campbell Dialogue

Journals (historical)
The Christian Messenger, ed. Barton W. Stone, 1826-44 (14 volumes) 
Macedonian Call/Spiritual Call ed. D. Austen Sommer, 1926 - 1952 (26 volumes)
Address and Declaration. Daniel Sommer, August 17, 1889
Mission Messenger, ed. W. Carl Ketcherside, 1940 - 1975
Bible Talk, ed., Leroy Garrett, 1952 - 1958 
Restoration Review, ed. Leroy Garrett, 1959 - 1992
SoldierOn! by Leroy Garrett. 2003 — 
An Address to the Churches of Christ, Barton W. Stone 
Other resources:
Unity In Diversity (works of W. Carl Ketcherside)
Stone-Campbell Movement Research Guide
Center for Restoration Studies

Disciples of Christ Historical Society

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